***If you see a kitten on our kitten pages and it doesn't say Reserved or
sale pending, then it is available...

***Deposits for our kittens or cats is $200 for a pet, $400 for a breeder
non~refundable...So please make sure this is the kitten/cat you
want as there are
NO REFUNDS on ANY deposits.
Deposit will NOT carry over to another kitten.
Once you place a deposit we remove the kitten from our website. No one
else can ask about it or see it. New pictures are sent out to buyers every
other week. We try very hard to get the pictures out in a timely manner.

***Deposits are accepted into our Paypal acct or please ask other ways to
place a deposit. You have 24 hours to place the deposit with PayPal. We
do not have a link to our paypal acct on the website, so please get with us
about placing a deposit. This way we can keep track of who is sending
deposit & for which kitten.
If in that time frame (24 hours) we do not receive your deposit in Paypal
we will notify the next interested person without notice to you. Once in a
while someone may ask about making payments you need to keep us  
posted if a payment can't be made. Failure to make any payments over a
month you will forfeit any deposits & payments. (That is if we
have made arrangements for the buyer to make payments). That isn't done
much, but it can be done. The kitten/cat WILL be paid in FULL at the
time the kitten/cat is picked up.

***If a kitten fails to meet our Vets health standards, we will offer you
another kittens equal the value of  the kitten you placed a deposit on.
There are NO cash refunds
***We guarantee that our kittens are in good health when they leave our
***1 Year Health Guarantee against hereditary diseases, that effect the
day to day life of the kitten (meaning if the kitten can NOT function in a
normal way) We WILL replace the kitten with an equal value kitten...NO
cash refunds...
***Kittens will have the appropriate vaccinations & wormings for their
ages when they leave for their new homes...
***PawsArePurrs (Marilyn) gives the vaccinations...
We can no longer ship our Persian & Himalayans.
***Reason for returning a kitten or cat to us as follows...
If cat/kitten becomes ill or failure to thrive within 3 days of the sale...We
ask for your Vets report within 3 days of the illness on said cat/kitten
...You must let us know if the cat/kitten is ill so we can work with you &
your vet/our vet...NOTE kittens can come down with a cold or diarrhea
when moved into a new home (this is not a reason for
returning). Stress has a lot to do with the cold & or diarrhea.
If we are going to replace a cat/kitten it will be replaced with equal value
kitten/cat...We have 6 months to replace a kitten if we do not have one at
the time of an illness (this is so you can get what you want).
There are NO cash refunds given...No Exceptions...
***When the kitten/cat is ready for their new homes and a date has been
set by the buyer & PawsArePurrs...You MUST pick up your
kitten/cat...Failure to pick up and or fail to talk with us, on set date
is going to cost the buyer a fee of $25 a week per kitten/cat...This is a
boarding fee (Unless other arrangements are made)...If after 4 weeks
from original set date you have NOT picked up kitten/cat and you have
NOT talk to us, you will forfeit ALL deposits/fees made to
PawsArePurrs...NO cash refunds...

Thank you Jim & Marilyn Marshall of PawsArePurrs Cattery
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Page last updated  1~12~19
This page is general information only. Short, sweet and to
the point. We have a written health guarantee that the
buyer, seller signs & date which is legal binding